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Re: Does anyone get....

As a part of my job working with Health and Safety years ago for a large electronics firm, here are some of the pointers to relieve that back pain and stress (note: I am not medically certified, just layman trained to make workstations ergonomically correct): 1. Your knees need to be at about a 100 - 110 degree angle to the floor, with your ...
Posted in by Amyest on 12-12-2008

Re: Blog Thread for Week of Dec 8th

I blogged and would love some feedback if you have an opinion on the matter...
Posted in by Amyest on 12-11-2008

Re: Wii Fit

We use it as exercise for our oldest son, specifically, as well as for our middle one who is developmentally disabled and doesn't have the greatest balance and gross motor skill development. It's a fun way to get them moving, and I use it when I have time, which isn't terribly often. It's a good thing for us, especially when we can't get ...
Posted in by Amyest on 11-21-2008

Re: BLOG's written week of Nov16th

I blogged with exciting news about my oldest boy! Blessings to you all as we near Thanksgiving - there is so much to be thankful for!
Posted in by Amyest on 11-21-2008

Re: QOTD 9-2-08

Both, depending on the type of day. If it's sunny, I go for the contacts so I can wear my *blingy* sunglasses (thanks, DH)! If it's icky outside, I tend to stick to my glasses just so my eyes don't get too tired.
Posted in by Amyest on 09-04-2008

Re: Blog thread for week of 1 September 2008

I finally did it! We have a family blog! Not a whole lot on it yet, but I'm sure there will be more to come now that the kids are in school.
Posted in by Amyest on 09-04-2008

Re: Scrabble Time

Posted in by Amyest on 08-13-2008

Re: June 14th you wanna come play?

Would love to be there, but as it's an important holiday, Flag Day (and my birthday), my DH has plans for me already! Have a great time - be thinking of you!
Posted in by Amyest on 05-24-2008

Re: Weekend plans???

Busy week and weekend! The week consisted of two baseball games, two birthday parties, feeding 200 people lunch on Wednesday, preparing food for a memorial service for 300 on Friday. The weekend included: 4 baseball games (tournament), of which we won one and played for 3rd place - an amazing feat since we were playing teams a level higher than ...
Posted in by Amyest on 05-19-2008

Re: I scrapped

Wow, Amy! What a great heritage and legacy being left for your son. Gives me inspiration for my boys, as we're at the 8 month mark of my mom's death - this will get me going to write down and scrap some of those very important things to her. Thank you!
Posted in by Amyest on 05-14-2008
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